Rick & Rowan
On Air Radio Personalities

Weekday Mornings from 6am to 10am.


Hosts:  Rick Rush & Rowan

Format:  PlugNPlay Voice Tracked Radio Show for CHR/Rhythmic, Contemporary Country and Hot AC Radio Formats that, are delivered direct-to-you daily, every Monday - Friday. (Uploaded and available by 11pm et.)
Length:  4-Hour Morning Show consisting of 5 VT Tracks per hour. 4 Talk Breaks (3 to 4 mins in length) and 1 Promo Break, as well as, your Custom Localized Station ID TagOuts. (Dry)
Distribution:  Digital Download. (Auto-Sync/Import Capable) to Terrestrial (FM) Radio Stations. NO Internet (DB) Stations.
Terms:  Monthly Retainer Rate. (Rate is based on current Nielsen Market Ranking)
Extras:  Available for Local Commercial/Spot Production.
Exclusivity:  Market Exclusive.

Requirements: Show MUST air from 6am to 10am (Local Time Zone) and VT Breaks MUST air at the times indicated on the provided Program Log. *Failure to meet these strict Requirements will result in the show being pulled from the Affiliate*


Every weekday morning from 6am to 10am, Rick Rush and Rowan bring you the lighter, edgier and funnier side of everything! This show is the way that every coffeehouse gathering should be, devoid of politics and anything that may "trigger" an argument or coffee brawl.  Rick is the oldest soul you'll ever meet and if he had a lawn, he'd probably kick you off of it.  Rowan is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and she has a lawn that she never mows but, that's ok because, she knows Rick will always do it. This show has plenty of upbeat “Loony Toons" type of humor that moms and dads will appreciate but, will go right over the kiddos heads. So, go ahead and enjoy being a fly on the wall as this "real-world" couple talks about nothing and absolutely everything, each morning!


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